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Hurricane and Flood UPDATE from the Highway Superintendent

August 31, 2011
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Frank Petramale, Highway Superintendent, has issued an update on the Hurricane and Flood situation in the Town of Ulster this morning.

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08/31/11                         Hurricane and Flood Update



The Highway Department has made progress with clearing the roads that have been affected by Hurricane Irene.  Yesterday we were able to clear and open a few roads that were closed due to trees and wires down with the help of Central Hudson. Once a representative from Central Hudson confirmed the wires were de-energized, we went in and cleared the trees to allow for vehicle access.  We will continue to work with Central Hudson until all roads are completely open and clear. See list of roads below:


 South Rd near Schneider Lane (Ruby)                       Passable, still has wires down

 South Drive            (Glenerie)                                 Passable, still has wires down

 Yale Ct                                                               Passable, still has wires down

 Harwich St at the intersection of Plainfield St                Totally blocked

 Yarmouth St at Jean Place                                      Totally blocked

 Old Flatbush Rd                                                     Totally blocked at #177

 Gallis Hill Rd                                                           Passable, still has wires down

 Cuttler Hill Rd       (Eddyville)                                    Totally blocked



The Highway Department has been working through the entire Town clearing and picking up any brush or debris left form Hurricane Irene.  If you have missed the first pick up, we will back to pick up your brush.  We want to make sure we go through the entire Town of Ulster one time then we will re-canvass the Town until all brush is picked up.  Please have brush at curb side of road and have cut no longer then 8ft in length. The Transfer Station will be open regular operating hours all week until Saturday to all residents to bring brush at no cost and no permit is needed.



There are no Town of Ulster roads that are flooded at this time.  The Esopus Creek has receded and the roads that were flooded will be inspected and cleared of any debris.



All roads within the Town of Ulster will be swept.  We will be sweeping those that were flooded and have a lot of debris first so we can inspect those roads for damage.  We will then work through all areas of the Town.  We have been out sweeping since Sunday afternoon as soon as the rain had stopped.


Frank C. Petramale

Superintendent of Highways

Town of Ulster