Town Of Ulster

Storm Update from the Highway Superintendent

August 30, 2011
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Highway Superintendent Frank Petramale as issued an update on the road closures and blocked roads in the Town.

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Hurricane and Flood Update


The highway department has been out clearing the trees that are blocking the town roads and dealing with some major flooding in all parts of the town since 6:00am Sunday morning.


Although the water has gone down along some of the small streams/brooks and the street flooding has receded, the low lying areas along the Esopus Creek are still above flood stage.  The Esopus Creek crested during the night and is on its way down.  Please be advised to stay out of these areas until the cleanup process can be completed.  There are still some very dangerous areas.  A sunny day does not mean everything is safe!


We will continue to work on clearing all the trees and brush from our roads until it is complete.  We have been hampered in the clearing efforts of several roads due to Central Hudson unable to confirm to us that the wires involved with the trees are dead.


I advise you stay clear from the trees and wires until they are verified by a representative of Central Hudson that the wires are not energized.  Once they are declared dead we will clear them and open the roads. 


Listed below are the roads that are blocked either completely or partially due to wires and trees:

South Rd near Schneider Lane (Ruby)

North Drive            (Glenerie)                                     passable

South Drive            (Glenerie)                                     totally blocked

Glenerie Blvd         (Glenerie)                                      passable

Potter Hill Rd         (Lake Katrine)                                Cleared after 5:00 PM

Old Stage Rd          (Lake Katrine)                              Cleared after 5:00 PM

Harwich St at the intersection of Plainfield St                   totally blocked

Yarmouth St at Jean Place                                         totally blocked

Old Flatbush Rd - blocked at #177                               totally blocked

Gallis Hill Rd                                                             passable

Church St               (Eddyville)                                   totally blocked

Cutler Hill Rd        (Eddyville)                                      totally blocked


I will try to update the list as we are able to clear any of the above roads.


Frank C. Petramale

Superintendent of Highways

Town of Ulster