Town Of Ulster

Proposed Kayak Site
Located on the Town's property off of Orlando & Buckley Streets. This site will take advantage of the parking and bathroom facilites of the Orlando Street Ballfields.

Assessor Suggests Relocating the Proposed Kayak Park - updated 10/7/10

October 07, 2010

Town Assessor, Jim Maloney, has suggested that the Kayak Park originally proposed for Mulvin Drive be located on Town property by the Orlando Street Ballfield.

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On Thursday, October 7th, the Public Hearing concerning a Proposed Kayak Park allowing public access to the Esopus Creek will be reconvened at 7:15pm.  Jim Maloney had originally proposed locating the Park on a "flood mitigation" parcel near the Town Hall.  On Thursday he will suggest instead, to locate the proposed Kayak Park on the Town's Orlando Street Ballfield property which also has Esopus Creek frontage.

Suggested Kayak Dock Style
Orlando Street Ballfield