Town Of Ulster

Kayak Park Public Hearing to be Reconvened

October 07, 2010
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The "Kayak Park" Public Hearing held August 19th was recessed.  The date for the Public Hearing to be reconvened is Thursday, October 7, 2010, at 7:15 PM.  Copies of all documents provided to the Town Board are now available online and at the Town Clerk's Office during regular business hours.

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At the Public Hearing held August 19th, James Maloney, Town Assessor and County Legislator, made a presentation to the Town Board proposing a "Kayak Park" be developed on a Mulvin Drive parcel adjacent to the Town Hall. This vacant parcel is one of several in the Town of Ulster that participated in the Flood Mitigation Program.  Mr. Maloney administered the Flood Mitigation Program for the Town.


The Town of Ulster has frontage on approximately 10 miles of the Esopus Creek.  The proposed "Kayak Park" would open about 6 miles of quiet, flat water paddling to the public.  The proposal would allow a small handicap accessible park with picnic tables, benches and a dock for Esopus Creek access.  The dock would be suitable for launching kayaks or canoes only.  The Town would seek a grant to cover the cost of the dock and yearly maintenance would be minimal ($.38 a year to the average homeowner).


Comments, pro and con, were heard at the Public Hearing and the Board decided to recess the Hearing to reconvene at a later date.