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Five Highway Employees Take Advantage of the NY State Retirement Incentive

August 30, 2010
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The Town of Ulster will be losing five very experienced highway employees who are taking advantage of the New York State Early Retirement Incentive. 

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From Highway Superintendent Frank Petramale:


Notice of Retirement of Some Long Time Employees of the Highway Department


          During the months of August and September the Town of Ulster Highway Department will be saying goodbye to some long time employees who are taking advantage of the retirement incentive offered by the State of New York.  The Town of Ulster agreed last month to participate in the program.


          The Highway personnel who are retiring have spent most of their adult lives serving the residents of the Town of Ulster and should be recognized for their dedicated service to the community.  Combined the five employees have a total of 179 years working for the Town of Ulster.


          On behalf of all the members of the Highway Department, I would like to publicly thank all of them for their years of dedicated service to the Town of Ulster.  Have a Very Happy and Healthy Retirement!!


Retiring in August:


Nancy Pavay       33 years of service       Senior Data Clerk 
Steve Benson      38 years of service      MEO
Russ Winchell       36 years of service       HMEO 
Bob Dachenhausen       36 years of service       HMEO



Retiring in September: 


Jim Corrigan                 36 years of service       Working Supervisor/Deputy Highway Superintendent



Thanks & God Bless

Frank C. Petramale

Superintendent of Highways

Town of Ulster

August 16, 2010


Highway Retirement 2010 (PDF - 32.0 KB)