Town Of Ulster

Dry Weather Requires Water Conservation

July 06, 2010
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The Town of Ulster Water Superintendent Paul Vogt has issued a "Stage 1" Drought Emergency for the Residents of the Bright Acres Water District. 

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Originally asked to voluntarily conserve water, the daily averge water consumption in the Bright Acres Water District has more than doubled in the past few days AND the weather has continued to be dry.  As a result, Superintendent Paul Vogt has declared Bright Acres Water District in STAGE 1 of a Drought Emergency.  Stage 1 of a Drought Emergency requires property owners in the Water District to restrict water use or face sanctions for violations to the regulations.  See "Documents" below, "Stage 1 Drought Emergency" for more information.


Water Superintendent Paul Vogt appreciates the cooperation and understanding of all residents during times of dry conditions.