Town Of Ulster

Ulster County Health Department 2008 Flu & Pneumonia Clinic Schedule

November 07, 2008
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The Ulster County Health Department will hold its annual influenza and pneumococcal vaccination clinics at several locations throughout the County beginning on October 30th.  NO appointments are necessary, and county residents may attend any site.  Click Here to view the schedule of sites, dates and times.


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County residents who are at greatest risk for influenza-related conditions are encouraged to receive the flu vaccination.  This high-risk group includes those over the age of 50, and also adults aged 18 and over who have heart disease, chronic broncho-pulmonary disease, renal disease, diabetes mellitus, other chronic metabolic disorders, severe anemia and/or compromised immune function, and others who are at risk of influenza-related conditions.  Home care providers and others who may be in close contact with high-risk individuals are encouraged as well.


Senior citizens who have Medicare Part B benefits will be able to obtain their vaccinations through Medicare.  The recipient must be entitled to Part B coverage on the date of service, Medicare Part B must be the primary insurance coverage, and the Medicare Card must be presented on the date of service.


Those not eligible for Medicare Part B coverage will be charged $20.00 for the influenza vaccination and $35.00 for a pneumococcal vaccination, payable at the clinic.