Town Of Ulster

Adat Chaim volunteers clean up Parks

April 23, 2003
Table Of Contents:
The following members and associates of the Adat Chaim Synagogue volunteered to clean up the Post & Rider Parks in the Town of Ulster, in cooperation with Scenic Hudson and in honor of Earth Day/Week. Debra, Noah, Peter & Silvie Lundgren; Becky & Goldie Gayne; Amy, Jerusha, Judah, Netanya, Ruthanna, Jonina, & Elana Kellerhouse; Rose-Line, Ali, Deborah, & Jacqueline Simon; Deborah, Chelsea, & Jordan Nickerson; Kathryn & Rachel (last names to be determined)
They did a wonderful job. The Park attendent is raving about how diligently they worked and the number of hours they stayed. It is inspiring to see groups dedicating time to give to the community and to instill in children the sense of pride & responsibility in their surroundings and the ecosystem. Much applause for the Adat Chaim Group.