Town Of Ulster

Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing on April 16th

April 16, 2007
Table Of Contents:

The Comprehensive Planning Committee will hold the 1st Public Hearing on the New Town Comprehensive Plan at the Ulster Town Hall on Monday, April 16th, at 7:45pm.  Click the headline above and scroll to "Documents" to view the new proposed Comprehensive Plan.

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This public hearing will begin with a brief overview of the purpose of the Comprehensive Plan and then highlight some of the recommendations being made by the Comprehensive Plan Committee.  The public will be invited to provide comments on the preliminary draft of the Plan as well as the proposed policies following the presentation.  Written comments on the preliminary draft will be accepted through April 26, 2007.  All comments received will be taken into consideration and addressed by the Comprehensive Plan Committee in preparation for the final draft of the Plan, which will be forwarded to the Town Board.

2007 Comprehensive Plan, Adapted 7/2/2007