Town Of Ulster

STAR Local Property Tax Rebate Program, 2006

November 01, 2006
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Eligible homeowners will receive a rebate check from the State of New York for a portion of their property taxes.

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This fall eligible homeowners will receive a rebate check from the State of New York for a portion of their local property taxes.


Who is eligible???

  • Homeowners who receive a basic or enhanced STAR exemption on their 2006-2007 school tax bill should be eligible. 
  • Homeowners who would have been eligible for a STAR exemption but failed to apply for one.  In this case, the homeowner must file an application with the Tax Department between October 1, 2006 and January 20, 2007 to receive a rebate check.


How do I get an application???

Beginning the last week of September, 2006 you must do one of the following to obtain an application:

  • Call the Tax Department's toll free number, 1-877-6-STAR-NY or
  • Visit the Tax Department's website,  or
  • Visit the Assessor's Office or
  • The application is included below in "Documents"


When will I receive my check??

 Rebate checks will be issued by the Department of Taxation and Finance

  • On or before October 31st if you currently receive a STAR exemption
  • Otherwise, sometime after filing your application
  • Check out the mailing schedule below in "Documents"


How much will I receive?? 

The amount of the the rebate will be determined based on the school district of the eligible homeowner.  Eligible Town of Ulster homeowners will receive the following rebates:


School District

Basic Star

Enhanced Star








Use this form if as a homeowner:

  • You were entitled to receive a STAR exemption on your 2006-07 school tax bill and you did not automatically receive a rebate check, or
  • You did not receive the STAR exemption but you would have been entitled to receive one if you had applied, or
  • You received a rebate check based on a basic STAR exemption and you were eligible for an enhanced STAR on your 2006-07 school tax bill, or
  • You received a rebate check and you are unable to negotiate the check and require a replacement check.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully, and note that Part 4 must be completed by the Town Assessor.