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November 22, 2004
A & E is pleased to bring you this week’s educational programming update: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A & E Classroom Programming/ Pocahontas: Ambassador to the New World, Monday, November 22nd

A & E Classroom Programming/ A & E Original Movie: Jane Austen's “Emma”, Tuesday, November 23rd and Wednesday, November 24th

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A & E Classroom Programming Pocahontas: Ambassador to the New World Monday, November 22nd Pocahontas: Ambassador to the New World is the story of an extraordinary young woman who risked her life for peaceful coexistence between her native people and the English settlers. As one of the influential leaders of her tribe, she played a pivotal role in the political and social world of the Jamestown colony. Her courage and vision was far ahead of its time and jeopardized her life on more than one occasion as she navigated between two very different yet connected cultures. This program tells the story of Pocahontas and her interactions with John Smith, and introduces students to one of the key narratives survived the early colonies. It will give students the opportunity to discuss the myth of Pocahontas, the ways stories about her have circulated, and debate the ways historians separate fact from mythology in interpreting the past.

Curriculum Links: This program is suitable for middle and high school classes in American History, American culture and social studies. Teachers Guide Available:

A & E Classroom Programming/ A & E Original Movie Jane Austen's “Emma” Tuesday, November 23rd and Wednesday, November 24th This two-part A & E drama is an adaptation of Jane Austen's classic tale of a 19th century gentlewoman. Emma is a spirited young woman preoccupied with affairs of the heart and a penchant for matchmaking. This program introduces students to Austen’s literary masterpiece and provides a compelling example of the romance genre. It would be an excellent program to watch after reading Emma or another of Austen’s novels as students can compare the differing representations of the characters. Terms and concepts such as genre, style, costume, time period, and character can all be explored through watching this compelling and delightful drama.

Curriculum Links: Emma is well suited for classes on European history, literature and women’s history. It is appropriate for high school students because of some of the more mature content.

Teacher’s Guides Available: