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November 17, 2004
A & E Announces the BIOGRAPHY of the Year Scholarship Challenge! A & E Classroom Programming/Investigative Reports: Bullied to Death, Wednesday, November 17th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BIOGRAPHY of the Year Scholarship Challenge: Hurry! Only one week left to enter! If your students could pick this year's BIOGRAPHY of the year, who would they choose? For a chance to win a $5000 Grand Prize, have your students in grades 5-12 write in 300 words or less who they think made the biggest impact on the world in 2004 - positive or negative. Log on today for official rules: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A&E Classroom is an hour long, commercial-free, copyright cleared programming block that airs Monday through Friday in the U.S. from 7-8 am ET &PT/6-7 am CT and in Canada from 8:30-9:30am NT /8-9am AT/7-8am ET/ 6-7am CT/ 5- 6am MT/ 4-5 am PT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A & E Classroom Programming Investigative Reports: Bullied to Death Wednesday, November 17th Almost everyone has an experience with bullying in his or her childhood. Some are bullied; others bully. It is looked upon as a rite of passage; a childhood ritual that is part of our formative years. But is bullying as benign as this implies? Or is it at the root of the problem of youth and school violence that has wracked the nation in recent years. This program takes a serious look at bullying as a possible cause for the violence which has plagued our nation’s schools in recent years. Investigative Reports explores the causes and effects of bullying, and the possible connections between bullying and school violence. This program presents a compelling opportunity for students to discuss the roots of bullying and to have open and honest discussions of how to eliminate these behaviors in schools. Teachers will find that it can help with conflict resolution and help students reflect on their own responsibility for making schools safe and productive. Curriculum Links: Bullied to Death would be useful for classes on American Culture, Civics, Journalism, Ethics and Psychology. Because of its sensitive content, we would recommend it for older and mature students in high school. Teachers may want to view the program before showing it to students. Discussion Questions: 1. Why do you think bullying has become such a problem in today’s schools? Do you see any possible ways that it could be prevented? 2. What are some examples of constructive projects or activities which include all students and provide an atmosphere without bullying? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shop Our Online Store Teachers Save 10% with Coupon Code ETEACH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~