Town Of Ulster

Pre-Payment of 2018 Property Taxes

December 26, 2017


As you know, due to recent changes in federal tax law, many New York State homeowners have been urgently seeking to pay their 2018 property taxes before the end of 2017. Governor Cuomo signed an Executive Order ON 12/22/17 that makes it possible for them to do so.

Tax Collectors cannot collect taxes without receiving the "Tax Warrant" from the County. In the Town of Ulster's case, we are awaiting the receipt of the tax warrant from Ulster County. The warrant will be received no later than Dec. 28th, which will ensure that taxes may be paid on Friday, December 29, if not earlier.

1. Tax payments will be accepted on Friday, Dec. 29th from 8am--4pm. 
2. If your taxes are typically paid through escrow, you must inform the tax collector.
3. Copies of tax bills are available now at the Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office. You may call for your amount (845-382-2455) or in person you can obtain a copy.
4. Payments of "Exact Amount Only" are collected. Any discrepancies in the amount received will be rejected.

5. Payments accepted in a. Cash, b. Check; c. Credit Card (2.65% processing fee added to each credit/debit card transaction)

6. The receipt of the warrant may be sooner than 12/28; therefore, it may be possible to pay property tax payments prior to 12/29. You may check with the Tax Collector's Office daily.