Town Of Ulster

Town to Hold Public Hearing Regarding 454 Hurley Ave

July 18, 2013
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There will be a Public Hearing on Thursday, July 18 at 7:15 PM at the Ulster Town Hall. 

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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing will be held by the Town Board of the Town of Ulster on the 18th day of July, 2013 at 7:15 p.m. at the Town Hall, 1 Town Hall Drive, Lake Katrine, NY 12449 regarding the filing by the Code Enforcement Officer of the Town of Ulster of a report in writing with the Town Board of the Town of Ulster containing her findings and recommendations regarding certain structures situate on premises at 454 Hurley Avenue in the Town of Ulster, designated by Tax Map No. 48.17-1-41.1 reputedly owned by New L & J Corp., in which report said Code Enforcement Officer states her opinion that said structures are unsafe and dangerous to the public in that there is a potential for injury, damage, or possible arson, and that it is open at the doorways and windows and there are debris, garbage and combustible materials in the structure and the doors and windows should be secured against unauthorized entry.


         Securing or removal of such building shall commence within thirty (30) days of service of the notice and shall be completed within sixty (60) days thereafter, unless for good cause shown such time shall be extended.


          In the event of neglect or refusal to comply with the order to secure or demolish and remove the building, the Town Board is authorized to provide for its demolition and removal, to assess all expenses thereof against the land on which it is located and to institute a special proceeding to collect the costs of demolition, including legal expenses.


          Any resident of the Town of Ulster is entitled to be heard at such public hearing.


By order of the Town Board of the Town of Ulster