Town Of Ulster
 Flood Maps for the Town of Ulster 

Flood Maps for the Town of Ulster

These are the Flood Maps for the Town of Ulster effective September 25, 2009.  For general Flood information, Flood Insurance information and more use the link below to the FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) website.

FEMA Flood Maps, Insurance, and Information

Link to FEMA's information on Flood Maps, Insurance and General Information

Map 295, 6/10/2010 (PDF - 10.9 MB)
Northwest: Ruby, Halcyon Park
Map 315, 6/10/2010 (PDF - 63.2 MB)
Northeast: Esopus above the Leggs Mills Bridge
Map 460, 6/10/2010 (PDF - 11.8 MB)
Esopus Creek south of the Leggs Mills Bridge, Parish Lane, Orlando Street, Lincoln Park, Sawkill Road, Sandy Road, Barbarossa, Route 28
Map 470, 6/10/2010 (PDF - 11.4 MB)
South: Spring Lake, Creek Locks Road
Map 480, 6/10/2010 (PDF - 10.4 MB)
East: East Kingston, Whittier, Hudson Valley Mall