Town Of Ulster
 Wintertime Message From Your Highway Department 

Wintertime Message From Your Highway Department



The Town of Ulster Highway Department is responsible for removing snow from 69.46 miles of local roads.  In addition, we plow Town facilities and parking lots; including the Police Department, Town Hall, and the Highway Complex.


When snow accumulation reaches approximately two to three inches, plowing begins.  After the storm has ended, the roads are widened to ensure they are passable and to aid in drainage of snow melt.  Roads are monitored for icy spots and drifting snow.  Generally, salt/sand mixture is applied to all streets to ensure driving safety.


To enable the most expeditious snow removal, we ask all residents to be sure all vehicles are completely off all Town roads per our Town code as follows:


"Article IV-Section 123-14.  Parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all streets within this town between 2:00 am and 6:00 am from November 15 to April 1.  Violators of this section shall have automobiles towed away at the owner's expense."


"Article V-Section 123-21.  Conditions under which vehicles may be removed.

C. Any vehicle that is left illegally parked upon any town street and is so parked as to interfere with proper removal of snow."


To minimize damage to the front of your property, consider placing reflectors at least one foot back from the pavement.  This will enable us to clear the road edge without damaging your lawn.


Damage to mailboxes and/or posts is a casualty of snowplowing due to reduced visibility.  Usually it is the heavy, wet snow rolling off of the plows that unavoidably damages the mailboxes.  Legally, the Town is not responsible for mailbox damage; however, if your box sustains damage, you may call our department after the storm is over and clean up is completed, preferably the following day.  If it is determined that our Town plow caused the damage, we will attempt to repair or replace the damage.


During a snow storm, please stay off the road if at all possible.  If you must drive, please drive carefully and give snow removal vehicles the right of way.


Before you clean up your driveway, please make sure the snowplows have made their final passes; otherwise, your newly cleared driveway will surely be filled back in.  This is not intentional and we will not come back to shovel or plow out your driveway.  Whether you clean your own driveway or hire a contractor, keep in mind the following town code item:


"Article II, Section 157-7.  Obstructing streets or sidewalks is prohibited.  No person, firm or corporation or municipality, the owner, tenant, or occupant of any premises abutting on any street shall obstruct or block access along or throw, place or deposit any snow or ice into or upon any street or sidewalk in the Town of Ulster...."


Snow removal is a very arduous task.  The Town of Ulster Highway employees must work around the clock until the job is completed.  The cooperation and support of Town of Ulster residents and businesses is greatly appreciated.


Please be patient.  If you have an emergency situation or problem, please feel free to call our office at (845)338-0193.  Otherwise we would ask that you call when snowplowing operations are completed.